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The services we render follow a life cycle approach in deploying or managing new or existing technologies. This is done as a part of delivering IT services Hong Kong: Professional and managed services. The services rendered here at EIL Global Hong Kong, are based on demand and requirements of the customers in adopting the right technology. Our technology spectrum includes end user computing, servers and storage, unified communications, collaboration technologies, virtualisation, and data centre technologies.

Cloud Containerization

Going Serverless to run microservices, is the way to Scale Up

Automate your IT using AI

Automate your IT Operations, IT Support, Bots 

Modern Workplace as a Service

Seamlessly integrate MS Office applications with Skype, SharePoint, Mobility, Power BI

Our Solutions for your Needs
Fighter Performance & Force Protection (1320 × 1145 px)
Fighter Performance & Force Protection

Overexertion Injury and Heat Injury are the top discharge reasons for military

First Responder performance & protection

Dehydration and heat illness can dramatically reduce first responder performance

MANAGED Public Key Infrastructure
MANAGED Public Key Infrastructure

Ultimate BYOD experience, Freedom from Passwords, Seamless Wifi and advanced campus Security 

Managed Devices
Alerts a day
Man Hours
Change Orders a day
Who We Are
Evolve Innovate Lead

EIL Global caters to the digital transformation journey of enterprises through professional and managed services across entire spectrum of IT Infrastructure along with AIOPS, AI-based Workforce Automation and Blockchain Solutions.


Are you seeking to automate all or some part of your IT Operations?

Evolve Innovate Lead

IT Services

Field Services

Ministry Staff, Singapore

“Their Slips, trips and Falls are the best in the world within their Workforce safety technology solutions”

Leading mining company in Australia

“I have loved their Proof of Concepts offer for most of their solutions”

Major Integrator in Asia Pacific
Partner Success Manager

“4 Hours Onsite IT Support in Karratha, that was well done”

Entertainment Industry Major in Melbourne
IT Ops Manager

“EIL Global’s solutioning capabilities are unmatched when it comes to AIOPS and you get the best”

café chain in Sydney
Operations Manager

“Gsuite to O365 Migration was a good way to experience EIL Global”

Leading law firm in Adelaide
Business Manager

“It was disappointing to see we were not given a O365 migration walkthrough, but with EIL Global it was completely a guided one”

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